4th of July

We were very excited this year to be going to Iron Springs Resort in Copalis, WA. You have to make reservations a year in advance for one of their cottages overlooking the ocean. We expected great things. However, luxury accommodations they were not.

This is my fancy door stop for the bathroom door.

The fan in the bedroom is ours. We brought it from home.

Okay. So yes we are spoiled. The accommodations were not exactly what we expected. They were so unexpected we all opted to come home to take a shower the next day. Our reservations were for 2 nights originally.

The view from the room was pretty and the beach was great except for the 50 mph winds slapping your face.

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Brook said...

I'm sorry it was such a let down. Thanks for visiting my blog. Here is hoping the next vacation will be more fun!

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