Clipboard Swap

My first clipboard swap. This is a one 4 one with SSReflectionEZine. My swap partner is Snow Davidson. She is an SSReflections Design Team member and you can view some of her wondeful artwork here It is an honor for me to be paired up with Snow as I have admired her work for a very long time.

I've uploaded several images because the camera just could NOT capture the glimmer and shine and the textures and the colors. Enough to drive a girl nuts I tell you!!!

So here are a few different angles. I primed the clipboard with gesso then painted with a mixture of Golden's fiber paste and different acrylics and finally sprayed with a glitter spray I picked up from Michael's. You can click on each pic to get a larger view if you want. Ga ahead try it!

The clip of the clipboard was also painted with a variety of acrylics.

This is a pretty good shot of the texture and colors. I am the worse critic of what I do but I so dug how this turned out.

I attached some ribbons at the top and also filled an RSVP pen with micro beads from PennyWiseArts to match the colors of the clipboard.

Sean took a blade and cut out the detail of the paper for me before I mod podged it on. It was his idea and it was brilliant! It turned out beautifully!

When I receive Snow's clipboard I will post it here for all to see.


Gypsy said...

Who knew? Just gorgeous! I have some old clipboards that could sure use a facelift...and I am amazed at the artists I find that either have, or have had, a cleaning business! Guess it just comes second nature, to the mess we create in!
Love your blog, even Bon Jovi et al!

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