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I signed up for a 10 for 10 favorite background, finished ATCs. Well my favorite background of all time is Paint Scraping as introduced to me by Traci Bautista. No, not in person, but via her book "Collage Unleashed". It's easy, messy, loads of fun and can generate great results.

So. I created a bunch of paint scraping backgrounds and just playing around last night I thought I would try to paint the flowers on my backgrounds that the nail gal paints on my toes. Not quite the same however I am happy with it because I do not to anything free hand. I can't doodle, I can't draw anything that looks half way decent.

So I pulled out some acrylics (the scraped background is acrylics) and used my empressor stylus and started playing. Now this swap is for PennyWiseArts which is focused around micro beads yet this swap is optional on the beads. I pulled them out anyway and sprinkled clear mini microbeads on my wet acrylic paint. Not artist quality for sure but I am very pleased with what I have so far. Here ya go!

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Ami said...

I think those are fabulous and by the way I need your nail tech if she works half as well as you do :)

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