If you are sick & tired of me doing Jon Bon Jovi chunky pages. I gotta tell ya. After this last one I need to find a new subject. The inspiration and the muse just was not kickin in. It's not terrible. However given another week or 2 I probably would have remade these pages over and over again. Sometimes you just gotta say STOP. You're done. You're making it worse. STOP!

Okay. This was for a rock and roll chunky at PennyWiseArts. Microbeads are required. The page is 4x5 which I found hard to work with. I need a bigger pallette to add stuff to. So I dealt with it. The left side is unadorned for binding purposes. Here's Jon once again. I swear I will try to find a new subject next time.

My background paper is 140lb cold pressed watercolor paper painted with copper lumiere and utee heated on it to create more pits and valleys and brushed with perfect pearls and finally sprayed with preserve it. The background turned out cool. I'm going to use it in the PennyWiseArts background ATC swap that is coming up.

So there you have it. That's it for me for now. Have some new pics of doggies soon.

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wahm922 said...

I love the texture on this background. I haven't had the chance to work with UTEE yet but it is on my list.

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