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A lot of you know that I belong to a yahoo group Pennywise Arts. They are out of North Bend, WA which is not far from me.
I maintain the birthday list for this group, which is an honor btw. I also participate in various swaps and a monthly 1-4-1 ATC swap.

Pennywise Arts is all about microbeads. Microbeads are the coolest thing to work with. It takes a bit of practice but then it all comes together. The colors are fabulous and the results are never the same but always fun.

Okay. So you have that tidbit. Here are a few ATC's I recently created for the 1-4-1 club. This first one, the image is glued onto a painted/scraped background that I did on watercolor paper. In fact the ones to follow are on the same paper.
I have this thing about making background after background with different mediums and paints and then I don't do anything with them so I decided recently that ATC's and cards was the way to go for now.
I created the ATC with the beads and the dew drops, which I didn't particulary like but they were already there, so I decided to cover with a Createx green wash paint and wrap sparkly ribbon around it. Sokay.
The next one is Sokay too. Here is the stamp embossed. Gorgeous No? I thought "cool, microbeads would look great on top. Not so great.

I thought gorgeous, however the mini mini mini microbeads sort if took over. I learned. It's all trial and error right. Not sure if you can see this one well but we'll try.
This one I like.

The last one uses the new white opaque beads from Pennywise Arts and the center is filled with glossy accents. Also all the images came from this collage sheet also from Pennywise Arts.

There you have it. Hopefully I inspired someone. Lots of fun. Have a wonderful evening!

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