Pennywise Arts Shopping Trip

Every Year PWA has a retreat, a weekend long fun fest previously at Trinity College in Issaquah. Then they follow that up with a daylong shopping trip that they have pre-arranged to various scrap/stamp/novelty stores. I've heard the route changes year by year. I have never gone to the retreat nor the shopping trip...until this year. I decided to start small and participate in the shopping trip. Evidently in the past they have chartered buses and everyone was one the same bus and games were played and you could walk up and down the isles and visit, etc. This year, my first year attending the shopping trip, there were 2 vans that had us split up, approxitmately 12 per van. The driver, mine was YVONNE! Thank you Yvonne! drove us from one end of town to the other. I met up with them at 7:00am, and got home at 8:30pm. So it was a very full and busy day. The great part about this is...I don't go anywhere! I don't like it , I am not comfortable with it! I am super shy, have been all my life and I had never met these gals before except for chatting on line, occasionally and that is stretching it. So anyway. I had a great time. Made some new friends, laughed, giggled and spent a little bit of cash on stamps and paper and all that good stuff that I like to collect and stare at and never use and never let go and stare at stare at stare at stare at stare at........oops.......

Hopefully next year I can explore out of my box a bit more. Thanks to Suzanne, Yvonne, Theresa, Diane and Cathy for making it exceptionally comfortable for me. Everyone I met, Thank you. You all are so nice and fun to be around. I hope to see you all again soon!

Here is a vid of Kelvis performing at the retreat


Theresa took a picture of all of us at our first stop on the shopping trip on Monday May 5th. Thanks Theresa!

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