Happy Friday the 13th from Ellen Hutson, LLC

Friday the 13th is not typically known for being a “lucky” day, but here at Ellen Hutson LLC we have tried to change that! Once again on Friday, June 13th any order that is placed in the 13 hours between 6:00am and 7:00pm Pacific Savings Time (that is the West Coast in the United States) will receive a 13% discount on the entire order. All you need to do is remember to enter the promotion code when you reach the checkout page!
Please note that upon completion of your order the promotion price will be listed on the individual product line and not at the end of the invoice. Enter the code exactly as it is shown below during that 13 hour window and the discount is yours on any and all products posted on our webstore that day!
Promotion Code: 131313V3
Please note that once an item is no longer visible on the store that means we are currently out of stock - so shop early!

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