I cleaned Mickies (as I always called him) house today for the first time after he went to heaven. It was very lonely, quiet and sad. When I walked in the door on my biweekly visits he would greet me and I would give him his treat and he always took it to the dining room to eat. He was very refined ;-). Also about 12:30 I would always feed him lunch. Well his bowl was there but he was not. I had to put the bowl away. He would always lie in front of whatever floor I wanted to clean and I always had to say several times "Move Mick!" sometimes with a tap of my toe to his rear end. It was not so easy for him these past few months to get up. It took a bit of effort. And I always gave him a big hug and kiss on the top of his head with a "Be a good boy! I gotta go. See you soon buddy." Funny how we say the same things over and over again upon an entrance or an exit. That was always my exit line as he watched me walk out the front door. I missed him today.

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