Trust me. This is funny.

Krypto will grab the bull penis and his baby Sparky and usually his blankie and lay in this bed and chew on it. See how Ruby and Tasha are outside looking in. Krypto is happy as can be. He often grabs Sparky, notice Sparky has no eyes, drags him/it to the doggy bed and takes a nap with him. Kryp prefers the girls but when they have had enough of him he simply grabs Sparky. It is just the funniest thing. No we don't buy them spare human feet to eat. The foot belongs to Sean. Sean buys them dried up something or other bull penis to chew on.


Ila said...

Oh my gosh!! they are all a blast!! My little guy loves chewing on those things too....and that sure looks like the same Costco bed he

Sarah {SCS: Sairabee} said...

Bull penis? Seriously? lol. I've never heard of such a thing. I wonder if our (technically my Mom's) dog would like it... I'm kind of afraid to see what results will pop up if I google it though. LOL.

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