It's not too late! Voting doesn't end till the 28th! Vote for Krypto! :-)

The Seattle Times sent a notice out a while ago for pet pics within different categories. I submitted Tasha for Best Pet

Ruby for Best Pet on Vacation

Krypto for Most Mischievious. Well Tasha & Ruby didn't make it in to the voting process but Krypto did!

Please vote for Krypto!!!

Pic #2 on the top, submitted by Debby Boltman “Most Mischevious” !!!!!

Thank you!!!! :-) Isn't he the cutest!!!


Jacqueline TrésBella said...

I voted, I hope he wins!


Anonymous said...

Krypto got my vote.


Lindart said...

He's too cute!! But voting is only open for Washington residents

Ami said...

I definitely voted, he's so cute.

Courtney said...

Awww! All three of those are just adorable!

Oh, thanks for visiting my blog today... the sentiment on the chocolate thing was something I just typed up and printed out. :)

Bhany888 said...

cute pets, nice pictures

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Andrea Plotts said...

I voted for Krypto :) He is just too adorable sitting there! The cutest of the bunch, in my opinion :) Good Luck!


Holly said...

oh just precious! You should check out my Riley photos on my picturetrail when she got so dirty! in the Riley album.
I voted and hope he wins!

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