Stampgasm Man!

I made another one. Had to. This is going out to someone whom (?) I have already warned. Probably my last post for a bit. Off on vacation tomorrow. I'm taking some coloring books and glitter crayons but no card making stuff.
I realized the last one I did stampgasm man isn't lying on anything. He is simply levitating. Talented guy don't ya think. I thought this time I would give him something to ly on. Doesn't this Ivory Flower Soft look just like sheepskin? Squint your eyes. It really does. Much better this way I think.


Jacquie said...

Debby, I hope you have a GREAT vacation!! Love your card!! I am not sure how to answer to comments, left on my blog; yes the Willow stamp I used is from Whiff Of Joy!! Thanks so much for visiting and hope you are well!!

Janet said...

Have fun on vacation!! Love this stamp and card!! I can't wait to get mine!! Congrats on the design team!! Its well deserved, you rock!!

Holly said...

Levitating stampgasm man! LOL! I tried to stay away, but I couldn't! Have a fun vacation, and so happy on your design team acceptance!

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