Wow Janet!

I won a prize from Janet's blog and look what she sent me! Can you believe all these goodies? Thanks so much my dear I will have tons of fun playing!


Janet said...

YAY:) so glad it arrived safely! You had a great mail day! (i got NOTHING in the mail today :(...)
Looks like cosmobella had one too many martinis ;)
hugs and have fun playing!

Leslie said...

Do we have the best SBS group ever or what?!!! Janet is just an incredible sweetie, and you, my partner in being obsessed with Kid Rock! (he is just so damn sexy!)! You, are just so kind. I got your package, I couldn't believe it when I opened it. I actually started crying. You may not believe it, but I had grabbed my mail on the way out to the store, but on the way to the store, I had decided to stop at my son's grave, I have just been so overwhelmed lately missing him so much. I went to his site and started talking to him, as I was talking I was opening my mail (I sometimes talk to him like he is still here) hope that doesn't sound crazy. Anyhow, I of course opened the package first, who wants to open bills first? And as I was sitting at Justin's grave, I was telling him how much I missed him and my life was so empty without him, I opened the package and there was your gift, a stamp of an angel. I actually cried and laughed at the same time. It helped me remember, he isn't just lying in a box, my son is in such a better place and what mother doesn't want that for her son? I do miss him and I will always have a hole in my heart for him, but I can take comfort in knowing my son really is home. I have always believed in God, but opening your gift and seeing the angel at his grave, I do not believe that was a coincidence. I believe it was a message from God or my son, or both, letting me know I can rest in the knowledge that my son is happier than he has ever been. Thank you Debby for being so unbelievably kind and thoughtful and for letting God use you at just the right time for me. You are a blessing to me.
Hugs sister, Leslie

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