I had to share something

Tomorrow we are taking Takira and a friend to Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound. WA for an overnighter. I despise taking the dogs to the kennel and luckily have a dear friend who stays at the house and babies the dogs. I was writing up some things for her and while I was writing a particular one I thought to myself Goodness Gracious! What are you doing? This is what I wrote. And trust me this is very very important. Probably the most important insruction of all.

~There is a container of powdered brown gravy mix on the counter. Every day at about 2:30 Krypto will wonder where it is. I don’t give it to them till 3:30 at the earliest. I put less then a handful of their dry dog food on to 3 separate plates. I sprinkle just a bit of gravy on it and add a bit of warm water just to moisten then I toss it around with a spoon to make sure every morsel is flavored. I then feed in this order. Tasha, on the rug by the door with the window. Krypto, on the rug by the door to the garage. Ruby, in the kitchen between the fridg and sink and I have to sprinkle 3-4 kibbles on the floor itself before she will actually eat off the plate. Kryp and Ruby will inhale their food. Tasha takes a bit longer and Kryp hovers over her till she is done. That’s okay. He waits. But he waits on top of her. ~

Okay. I sure hope some of you can relate. I sure spoil them kids.


Holly said...

LOL! I can so relate!

Chris (catt871) said...

Ohhh boy, can I relate!!!! We find it is easier to take Brick to the Pet Resort!! he is WAY too needy & I would have about 12 pages of notes!!! LOL

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