Dear Holly

Thank you so much for the nice award. I think you are funny too.

Seriously. Ms Holly of Hog Wild About Stamping, whom I consider a GREAT blogging friend gave me this super nice award. The only problem I have is coming up with something to say about myself. I don't open up about myself to too many. The award comes with the stipulations that I tell you ten things about myself and pass it on to seven other people. Uh. Hmmmm. I'm not very interesting or exciting but here goes.

1. I, like Holly, hate spiders. I just told her big or small no matta, I hate them!

2. I also hate bees. I recently creamed another card in parent pickup cause a bee flew in my car. Goodness talk about humiliating.

3. I am obsessed with Jon Bon Jovi, Captain Jack Sparrow and Kid Rock. Weird I know. I have 2 lifesize cardboard of CJS in my house and posters galore and goodness you would think I was a teenager.

4. I adore my doggies. Really adore my doggies. Totally adore my doggies.

5. I have a cleaning business. I now despise cleaning. My house never gets cleaned. Clorox Clean Up is my friend. As a kid I played house cleaning. Weird I know. My life has come full circle. Yikes.

6. My wee little brain CANNOT grasp that I am in my mid-forties. I don't feel it, I don't see it. Can't be true.

7. I love being tan but hate the sun and hate tanning beds. So what's a girl to do?

8. I despise cooking. I'm not good at it, don't want to be good at it and that's just the way it is.

9. Ditto with sewing.

10. Ah last but not least, uh...hmmmm...hmmm...I brush my teeth no less then 4 times a day.


How's that for revelations huh!

Okay. Seven people. I adore so many of you however I shall narrow it down for this award.

1. Anne. One of my SBS. She cracks me up and is a wonderful artist.

2. Vanja. Also one of my SBS. She is a sweetie and her art is always gorgeous and feminine. As I imagine her to be in person.

3. Janet. Again of of my SBS. She is my total Rockin Out fren. We enjoy the same music and totally get each other despite the age diff. I love her!

4. Carla is just downright amazing. You will see why when you visit her blog. And such a sweetheart.

5. Robin. She rocks at everything she does. Just started working full time again and still manages to get all of her design work done. Geesh. How does that girl do it?

6. Leslie. Another SBS. Recently going through some er trauma. Kind hearted, a beatiful soul and fabulous arteest.

7. And last but of course not least Kim. Such a sweetie and so patient with me.

I appreciate all of you. Have a fantabulous evening! Looking forward to reading more about you! ;-)


Carla said...

You are the sweetest thing!!! Thanks, Debby!! BTW, I think CJS is hot, too! Also, I can't believe I'm 45. CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!!!

Scrubbysue said...

LOL! I love it debby! you know...when I first came to your blog and read the caption under your pic I thought to myself "I LIKE this girl!" LOL I even read it to my boyfriend. Anyhoo...I loved reading your answers and AMEN to the cooking and sewing!! I HATE HATE HATE cooking and I especially despise doing dishes. Oh well. Thankyou for your support and nice comments debby. TTYL!!

Deby said...

Heartfelt congrats on your award! When most little girls were playing princess, you were playing house cleaning??? Do you have a lone shoe tucked in your apron?

Anne said...

Thanks Debby :)!
Yeah, CJS does it for me too. I'm at work and my last year's calender (POTC) is still open at December and a great photo... daydreaming here...

Holly said...

That wasn't so hard was it Debby? It was fun learning a little more about you too!

Holly said...

oh, by the way I meant to say regarding #7 on your list - spray tan? I hate the sun too and it hates me back. I've learned to love my fairness. See? when you say fair skin it sounds so much better than lily white, pale, whale blubber skin. LOL!

Leslie said...

Debby, you crack me up. Thanks for lifting my spirits after my er trauma! LOL!! While it may be traumatic, it is still pretty frickin funny. Thank you so much for the award, it was so nice of you to think of me. Hugs, Leslie

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Debby! For the award and for the lovely words, too! You definitelly are an interesting person sistah, and you make me laugh with your comments (this is all in a positive way, of course).

I will post it tomorrow on my blog, I, like you, don't like to talk about myself to everyone, so I need to think what to write, first..
Hugs, Vanja

bumblebee creations said...

oh you are just tooo funny!!! It is so fun to see others things that bother them!!!

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