Image is from #126 HIT In The Garden. Papers are from Cupcards {to go} June kit. Flowers are colored with Copics then I brushed a layer of Shimmerz over the top. Now my question is this. I know this cute pins are "in" right now in cardmaking and scrapbooking, but I would be the one to surely poke herself trying to open and read my card. Struck me as odd. I need to put a rubber eraser thingy on the end of it. I love the look but the practicality or lack of I guess, escapes me. I tried snipping it off but it just makes it worse.


Deby said...

How pretty, pretty, pretty! Love this image!

Janet said...

wow it is pretty! I would prick myself too!!
....shot down in a blaze of glory...


Anne said...

Invented by someone who hates postmen, bet it really hurts when he sorts the mail too.

Great card though :)

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

try those little earring backs that come on some of the earrings. you know those little (teeny tiny ones that your fingers are too big for)!

beautiful card, but i said that already and IT STILL IS BEAUTIFUL!


Anonymous said...

Your card is beautiful, Debby! And I have the same problem with pins, but Stef gave a fabulous advice.
Hugs, Vanja

Maria Matter said...

Golly Gee Debby, this is gorgeous!

I'm with ya on that pin thing, they look lovely but ouchy!

Someone sent me some with a RAK and they weren't sharp at all, believe me, I kept poking it in my finger to see if....and nope it wasn't sharp at all! (dumb way to test I know!)So there must be some in exsistence made just for cardmakers! lol But I still wonder how practical they are in an envelope going thru our postal system!
Blessings, Maria

Leslie said...

Deb, that actually happened to me!! I was sent a card by a very sweet friend of mine. I was so excited to open it, and in the excitement I guess, I felt a bit of pain but didn't really take notice, until I saw that I had blood all over the envelope. The gorgeous card I was sent had two pins in it and I guess I stuck myself with one and caused me to bleed and ruin my pretty card. LOL!! I thought it could only happen to me!
Anyhow, dangerous or not, your card is beautiful. Hugs sweetie, Leslie

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