Matthew 18.4

I just love this rubber stamp sheet from Hearts In Touch. It is called #132 Words of Wisdom.

I embossed my image with Orange Marmalade and added a bit of pink to the flowers and continued with the orange, yellow, pink from yesterday. It was all over my desk. I had no choice :-)


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

what kind of modern day beauty doesn't have central air???????? and to think, here in IL, i just turned the a/c on yesterday and will turn it off today. poor thing.

pretty card. alot of orange.

orange you glad you got to use it up???? bwwwahhhahhhaaa!


Anne said...

Ooh, wish I could have some of your hot weather, it's so cold and wet and rainy here :(

Lovely sunshiney card, very pretty

Karen R said...

that's really sweet & interesting everyone is going ORANGE

Holly said...

Really a cool looking card Debby! I love the ribbon! Can't help but laugh at your "having no choice" statement!

Maria Matter said...

Lovely!!! So delicate!

We have the humidity this week and into next week, they I will hibernate in my home with the a/c blasting!!!! Come on over any time! :)

blessings, Maria

Scrubbysue said...

This is beautifuL! I Love the colors!

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