At the end of every August, dh, dd and myself head to Whistler, Canada to ride the bike trails. The area is gorgeous, the bike trails are fantabulous and we always have a wonderful time. The drive there is about 4 hours, the drive home is about 6. That was today. Weird how going to Canada is so quick yet coming home takes forever. And everyone is so nice. This year we did the ziplines for the first time. Basically you zip back & forth from Whistler to Blackcomb and back. Pretty cool. Lots of tears & hyperventilating for me on the first day. Strange because I'm usually go get it. I was fine till all of a sudden I saw those first steps. Anyway. Got through it and as many tears as I had I was ready to do the advanced lines the next day. That was yesterday. Went great till the 2200 km line and I looked at it and the steps in to nothing and did the hyperventilate tear drop. Pretty embarrassing. My kid however took to it immediately and every time she launched, she launched herself upside down! for me the big accomplishment was letting go one hand and waving. Till the very last launch. Number 10. I flipped myself upside down. Yay me! Scary as heck but it was a blast. Then there is my husband. The guides called him Spider Man. He has these long legs and he had the video cam and would launch himself upside down, taping the whole thing, all the while looking like spidey with the legs on the upper rope. Too funny. It was great. Had a blast. Now back to the grind and school starts next week, junior high! so we are all prepping for that. Whoo! That's more then I typed all year probably. I had a few inquiries as to where I've been so thought I would post it here. Hope everyone had a great summer and am looking forward to getting back to a somewhat normal schedule.


Emma said...

Hi Debby
Wow soundslike you have all been having loads of fun.
Hope all is well and you soon get back to your normal routine.
Emma x

Ali Manning/newenglandstamper said...

Wow - it sounds like you had a blast! You are one brave lady!

Holly said...

Oh that sounds like such a fun time! I've seen pictures of that area and it looks so beautiful. It'd be awesome if your hubby could upload his zip line footage to youtube so we could see!

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