Today started out really funky & depressing for me. However as the day goes on it seems to get better. I mowed the yard and enjoyed the 85 degree Seattle weather. I got tickets to Kiss {sshhhhh} and look at what my husband & daughter ordered for me and came in the mail today!

They RAWK don't they!


Maria Matter said...

sorry to hear you weren't having a sparkly day!

....and then this Cinderella moment...too cool Debby!
Rock on my friend!

Be Blessed!

Janet said...

OMG how freakin cool???????? I couldn't afford Kiss tickets, so i got Slayer/Megadeth tickets instead:)

ittybittyinkspots said...

OMGAWD, when I grow up i want to be just like you!!!
Love those slippers! I'm guessing you rub those together and you will end up at the KISS concert!
Have a great time!

Alex said...

DEBBY! I want to go with you to KISS - when I saw them before they are absolutely the best 'show' I have EVER seen! and I am LOVING the shoes, loving them!!

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