Happy Halloween!!

Is it over? Takira is too old right now to dress up and T or T. And dang it! I purchased this huge bag of candy from Costco because we totally live in a kid friendy and kid filled area and my doorbell range twice! Twice! Granted both groups were pretty large.But Twice! I have got to stop eating snickers and peanut butter cups. All my Jari Love & Cathe Friedrich workouts will have been for naught. I'm done and the rest is going somewhere else. My family will thank me :-)

Sooo. Whilst I was waiting for the doorbell to ring I was playing with Sparkle Paper and Artistic Outpost Stamps. We decided to eat za and watch a spooky movie so I didn't get it posted last night and today was get groceries in the house for the week day & late laundry so I'm a bit late on the Halloween theme. However, I put some time in to the card and I love this set so decided you need to see it too! :-)

The images are all from Vintage Halloween from Artistic Outpost. All the papers are from the Sparkle line at Paper Temptress.

I stamped on Sparkle Blanc and layered on Sparkle Noir, Sparkle Orange, Sparkle Emeraude and again on Sparkle Orange.

This is my favorite paper, besides the ruche, besides the poison ivory, besides the sorbet, besides the iridescent... you get the picture.

I love love love it. And I'm pretty sure I've said this before; I can stamp or print my digi images on the Sparkle text or cardstock, primarily the text for printing and I don't have to emboss or heat set in order to color with Copics. Fabulous paper I tell ya. And Patricia the Paper Temptress herself can tell you I love this paper! Among others of course.

So if you have read everything :-) Yay. Most of you know I don't say or talk much. I"m a bit tired tonight. Perhaps that is my "thang". Get me tired and I will talk your ear off. Finally. Thanks for hanging in there :-)


Holly said...

LOL! We gave out snickers and pb cups too, but like you we only had our doorbell ring twice! Each time there was only one lone child! Luckily my DH ate most of it in the night! Ha Ha!
I love your card - that little Halloween girl is so cute!

Shar said...

That is one stunning little sorceress! Love it! I am so bummed that Halloween is over. Eerie one day, goon tomorrow!

msfreida said...

This is SOOO ADORABLE! Oh, how I LOVE these papers! All the sparkle really makes this fabulous image stand out! What a cutie!


Denise (peanutbee) said...


treesawardincrafts said...

I'm sorry not to have been round to see you lately, but I have been working on my tutorial blog. I'm back now, and I love your card. Promise I won't be such a bad blogger in future. :-)

By the way, what happens when everyone is sitting inside waiting for the doorbell to ring? Tee Hee



Anne said...

Aww, no callers, if I come to your door can we share the pb cups between us LOL!

Cute card and yes, I can see you love those gorgeous papers!

Lynn Stevens said...

Its so cute Debbie, so are you! we had the same problem ,tons of candy and only a few trick or treaters.but my DH has managed to hit the candy more than me.LOL

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