Yep it's been 5 days since I posted and last week my heart wasn't in to it. This is non craft related till the very end if you're not interested. There's a band I love!!! Like A Storm. They grew up in New Zealand and moved to Vancouver, BC, which is about 3 hours from me and they are now on their first ever US headlining tour. they have been touring with Creed and Puddle of Mudd.

Saw them in November with Puddle of Mudd and they became an obession. They are THAT GOOD! Some may recall my poster that said "Debby You Rock" ;) That was them. So I've been begging and begging and begging "Please please please come back to Seattle." We weren't on the ticket till about 8 days ago. Then my life completely shut down. I am a rockstar groupie as many of you may have guessed. I'm particular, yet groupie I am.

I volunteered to work the show in whatever manner, merchandise, email sign ups you name it. That included a bonafide meet and greet. At least I was determined it would. You see,  I love this man. His name is Chris. He is one of the brothers and lead singer of Like A Storm. My world shut down because I knew I was coming face to face with this beautiful creature and I was nervous nervous nervous. And that is all I thought about for at the beginning of 8 days ago. I am very shy in person and I was just sweating it. Yes Jon would be crushed but we wont tell him ;) Can you tell I am just giddy?

So we walk in the door at the club and who is standing there? This amazing, purty guy. Matt. Matt is another brother in the band. He asked if I wanted to hold his guitar. How cool is that?!
Matt is truly a rockstar and nice guy through and through.

So then who comes walking out? Thomas. Thomas is not a brother and still sooooo darn cute! Doncha think?
Thomas plays the drums and is oh so talented and uber uber cute. How funny we sort of matched. His tat matches my shirt :)

Last but most certainly not least is Kent. Oh so tall & gorgeous. He is a brother and he chats with everyone on Facebook and MySpace and the Stormtrooper chat room and super super nice and super super gorgeous. Don't even try to tell me he isn't.

So dh is the photographer here. Rather tolerant doncha think? :) It's all a harmless obsession.

And here is the other Debbie that was my fellow Stormtrooper at this show.
She knows the boyz very well and was very kind and generous and introduced me to the boyz and pretty much let me ride her coat tails all night. She is awesome.

Okay. So there it is. I just could not think and am still on cloud 9 and hopefully this weekend I can get my act together. A friend and I are going to the rubber stamp show in Puyallup tomorrow so that should be fun. Hopefully I will find some cool stuff.

Oh. And look. I had Rockstar fingernails too!

I know my FB friends have seen this pics before but some of my blogging friends are not FB friends so wanted to share a little of my passion here, there and everywhere.

You want a card now? Okay here it is. I actually created this over a week ago and it appeared on the Squigglefly blog for a Squigglefly challenge. The challenge was "Use Embossing, wet or dry!" I chose to emboss my dp with a cb folder. I don't know what it is called right now.  I thought it sorta looked like little buttons to go with the theme of my card.  The sewing machine image and sentiment are part of the "Stitched With Love" that will be released tomorrow at Squigglefly by talented artist Nina Brackett. The chipboard sewing machine I received from Taylored Expressions and it is just the coolest thing ever. Honestly I cannot remember what I colored it with. I cannot remember the Copics I used. I am numb. I do remember using many many many Copics one over the other because the colors weren't quite right. Duh. I don't know. for those of you reading, thanks for hanging with me. For those of you who chose not to read, please stay with me :) This is probably the longest post with the most talking I have EVER EVER EVER done!

I am behind on many dt obligations & expectations. I'll get back in the groove soon I promise. Don't give up on me!

Later :)



Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

oh you are such a roadie! i love it! girl..... you look fabulous! gorgeous & fabulous! wow! and those guys are all hotties! heck, i would be MIA for a year!!!

love the pix and thanks for sharing! your smile is gleaming as much as your nails!

hugs :)

Zoechaos said...

LOL must find their sound they look and sound a great band of guys. I'm off to meet a NZealander today but Janet is a little older and rounder than your cool guys! Enjoy the stamp fair.

msfreida said...

Honey, my motto is, "It's not mandatory to grow up!" I will be turning the BIG 6-0 this year (GASP!), and I thoroughly enjoy my non-conventional lifestyle! I will drop everything I'm doing for a chance to see one of my favorite bands! Keep in mind, I'm a child of the 60's! I'd take a weekend music festival over a weekend at a spa any day! :)

I agree with Stef...you DO look FABULOUS! :)I'm sooo glad you got this opportunity of a lifetime! Just wish I could have been with you! (sooo jealous here!)

This card is FABULOUS! What an awesome job you did with the image! Ohhh and I love the DP! Just like YOU, this card ROCKS! :)


Jeanette said...

Sounds like you had a ball Debby. The pictures are great. It brings back memories and the excitement of when I took myself to see one of my favorite artists at his concert. Fun, fun, fun!!!

Scrubbybubbles(sue) said...

Debby, I'm proud of you that you pursue your dreams and make them happen. Very few ppl. accomplish that. The guys are goodlooking! your right! The card looks great! I hope your having a nice sunday. :)

Holly said...

you are just a little groupie aren't you? LOL! And those fingernails - oh my gosh so cute and fun! I'm really happy you got to have such a good time hanging out with the band and you should be so honored you got to hold the guitar!
Your card is just wonderful. I love the embossing design you chose and the papers are so pretty! How cute is that little sewing machine chipboard piece?!

Shar said...

You are my new Rock Babe idol! Too cool! Your card is also amazing...as always! Rock on!

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