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Remember this? Debby Boltman: Happy Saturday Recycling!

Well I had a question about a recycling item in the pic, particularly the rug stay in place thingy. So I went to work.

I ship stuff in ugly envelopes. I have this particular ugly envelope lying on a roll of paper I use all the time for spraying and masking. Might make a great background at some point.

I layed the rubber carpet thingy over my envie and sparyed with color mists from outside the margins. 

i let the color mists dry then i started stamping.
i also wanted to use the rubber stuff as a stamp so i simply wrapped it around a wood mounted stamp that was sitting on my desk.
and stamped with rubber side down. if some of the pattern came thru. cool. and i used acrylics. i love using acrylics to stamp. a little messy and distressed. i love it!
than i was looking around for something and saw this plastic thing that you put under heavy items and the carpet doesn't get squished. Well trust me they don't work for that. So I dipped the pointy ends in to the cute little pile of white acrylic paint and made my own little polka dot background :)

and then oh know! Do not pour the acrylics out because i go a bit nuts and start looking for colors and materials and papers and anything that might make something cool.
i haven't used the piece below on anything yet. i will though.
Here are some cards I made with the backgrounds created above.

Pretty cool huh?! I would love to see what YOU do with those cool things hanging out in your recycle bin. You know the paper towel rolls or tp rolls could be made in to napkin holders ;)


JeanFB said...

Totally cool, Debby!! And I love how in the end, you used the actual carpet-stay-in-place thingy itself on your card, all inked up! Such fun cards! Thanks for sharing... I'm going to go scrounge around in the trash, LOL!

Linda Ledbetter said...

That's an awesome effect! The black and white looks particularly dramatic and cool. Thanks for the great idea-- I'll be using this (and you're right-- those things never protect the carpet, anyway!).

Ms. Jen said...

Very imaginative Debby! I love that your encouraging people to use what we have! There's so much art in everything around us sometimes we forget that. Love it!

Maria Matter said...

oh WOW, you are just one rocking crafty lady!!! Absolutely amazing creations Debby!!!
Hugs & Blessings!

Shar said...

You are awe-inspiring! What gorgeous pieces and great ideas!

elina said...

great tutorial!!! thank you so much for sharing! very cool recycling way!

msfreida said...

I can't believe I'm just now being able to comment on these! UGHHH! This gives the COOLEST effect...SOOO DRAMATIC! Just knock my socks off, will ya! :) Seeing how you used it on your cards is SOOO AMAZING! THIS ROCKS, GF! What a creative idea! :)


Holly said...

I bought a roll of that rug liner stuff a long time ago to do cool stuff like that and haven't done anything with it in forever - but you make me want to pull some of it out and play again. I really love the speckles you got with the carpet squishy thing (I'm sure it has a name). Really love your "be happy every day" card!

Lynn Stevens said...

oh yeah, these are way cool! Such a clever use of stuff!

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