Is all new to me. Shar (Sharon), my beautiful friend and co founder of the Gingers and Gingersnap Creations has been working on some canvas and they are jaw dropping gorgeous. Check out Shar's blog here and browse around for a bit. Lots of fabulous eye candy and inspiration to be found.

So. She inspired me to step out of my little tiny box.  I was very inimidated until I found this wee little canvas in my stash o stuff and it measures 2.5" x 2.5". What a great way to start small no?!

So here is my first wee canvas using metallic acrylic paints and doo dads again from my stash o stuff.

I had fun makin a big ole mess and glueing and slapping stuff on here. Kinda cool huh?! Here's part of my mess.

I know some will say thats no mess at all. Yes it is. This is room 1 of 3. This is my laundry room. No room to do laundry. Oh well.

Here is a canvas in progress I started yesterday. Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. And come back tomorrow so I can show you another one :)

Have you noticed how I tend to work in the same color scheme on several projects right in a row. Yep I do that.



Lynn Stevens said...

You go girl! Its always fun to try new things and you rocked this one! now I want to see a huge one!!!

JeanFB said...

Oh, Debby, you are inspiring! I'm supposed to be making 9 small canvases for my ATC club (yep, A-T-C club!!?!) and I've never done it. I love what you've done. I'll definitely be following along on your progress.... lookin' great!

Zoechaos said...

Canvasses are fun and they take so many materials and techniques. btw read the above post and commented before getting to this one see we used the same expression to describe our reactions LOL xx Zoe

msfreida said...

Ohhh I have some of these lil canvases somewhere in my stash too! How inspiring this is! NEVER would have thought to put all this together...LOOKS FABULOUS! Never have to worry about seeing the same ole thing here!!! NEVER! :)


Shar said...

Stunning! I love it...perfect! The jigsaw pieces are inspired. Oh, and ya made me are too sweet and such an awesome friend!

I can't wait to see more of your canvases. Btw, I tend to work in the same colors across a few projects too, but for me it's because I can't figure out how to put the paint back in the jar :)

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