Creative Impressions

I found this swirl organdy at Creative Impressions that I thought was beautiful and I needed it now! There were 24 gorgeous varieties and the website wanted me to select per color what I wanted. I wanted all and really did not want to select each color individually. So I emailed. Leesa got back to me. Very helpful. I didn't have to enter each color individually into my shopping cart. By the time I got back to Leesa they had my ribbon packaged and ready to go. This was a Friday. I received my ribbon on the following Monday. Wow! Great customer service. They even changed the ordering process so you can order a Retail Swirl Prepack. Go get em! They are gorgeous!


udderchaos said...

Awesome Stuff and info!! Love it all!. I mentally have spend lots of $$ here! LOL

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e. beck said...

what a find...these are gorgeous.......
love your blog......just surfing by!

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