Emerald Downs

Sean, Takira & I went to Emerald Downs on Saturday just for the heck of it. Eons ago, Sean and I used to go to Longacres near Southcenter before they became Emerald Downs in Auburn. Used to have lots of fun trying to figure out how to bet and what to bet and what drink went better with betting.

Anyway, we took Takira for the first time. Her strategy was horse name. Totally made sense to me.
First race was Don't Tell Shawn and Swiss Creek.

Second race was Regicide, Diamond View and Tanya's Toad

Third race was Miss Brookie, Explodin' by U (my favorite) and Sweet E Motion (another favorite of mine)

Fourth race was Appleness, Sunshine Shelli and A Little Livation.

Fun was had by all! ;-)

That's all we could stay for. Much too slow a sport for all of us Type A personalities. We came home about $10.00 in the hole. Not too shabby for $2.00 bets. :-)

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