Where did Deb go?

It looks like I fell off the face of the earth after PoM (Puddle of Mudd). No I didn't however the day after I thought I did. These small venues in Seattle are killer! You drink and stand and drink and stand and I am beginning to think maybe I'm too old for this. NOT! I had soooo much fun and Sean did too cause now he has Puddle of Mudd in his car and typically it's hip hop stuff which does not belong in my car. This venue was sooo much smaller then Showbox SoDo where we saw Kid Rock. Unbeleivable and completely outrageous and fun. So there you have it. So what have I been doing for the past two weeks is: Working and working and working and working on some swap and working....

So first of alll, Sean and I saw Cloverfield, wich I had heard was controversial in many ways. However, it reminded me of an old 1970's monster movie. It was drawn out and boring. I think the rumour about people puking is because the whole movie is thru the eyes of someone holding a video cam and he falls and jumps and falls so the vid cam is everywhere. Personally I found it quite annoying. So I am not recommending this flick.

Last week we saw Spiderwick Chronicles. WOW! and double WOW! Freddie Highmore is growing up to be such a great little actor. This was an awesome flick and I know I could see it 2 or 3 x's and catch something new each time. It was really really good.

Today we saw Jumper. Reviews were horrible yet trailers looked great. Well don't believe every review you read. If you like Hayden Christenson (sp?) and Rachel Bilson and action movies...this is good. The end left a total opening for a 2nd Jumper. No....it wasn't Oscar potential but very good. Hayden gets better as an an actor the older he gets. Although he was great in Star Wars as "Anakin Skywalker" aka "Darth Vadar" (after he woos Queen Amadala).

Okay. Not sure if sp is correct. I am off to cook din din.It's late for us and later. Gots Lots to catch up on!!!

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Debby Winters said...

HI Deb!
This is Deb! :) I saw your comment on another blog and noticed we spell our name the same...had to stop by and take a look.
Love your blog! Random works!

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