Yep I'm a busy Gal!

I keep disappearing I know. Not sure I have too many readers anyway so what's to miss? I have been working on some projects. Here are the Bella swaps I have participated in over at Bellholicsanonymous. Sean bought me a Mini Studio Series for my birthday (back in November) and I have only played with it intermittently. My first attempt a playing with the mini studio (with Seans assistance of course), resulted in the following: This is Winobella (appropro for those that know me). And I tried to get creative and show some of the supplies I used however I did not create a recipe. I am a messy messy crafter and can't keep track of anything! Trust me! So I tried to put everything aside that I used and include them in the pic although the paper here is not represented. Uh. Can't remember what it was.

I'm not sure why when you click on the pic it doesn't take you to a larger pic. Perhaps I scaled it down too far. Here is a SCAN if you are dying to see it up close, ;-)
My next swap at Bellaholicsanonymous was to creat birthday cards with a Bella of course. I chose Superbella. Here is another attempt with the mini studio.

My next swap at Bellaholicsanonymous was an ATC swap. Nope. Didn't use the studio. Used the good old scanner. Sometimes it just doesn't feel worthwhile to set it up and experiment with angles. Especially with something that measures 2.5 x 3.5.

Meet Barbella. A girl after my own heart!

Next comes the Naked swap. Sshhhhhhh! We had to make our cards but not dress our girls. This time I did use the studio. You like that don't you. When I telll you if I did or didn't. ;_) I am forgetting to put my watermark on these pics but I don't think anyone is going to steal them anyway so I feel good.

(drumroll) "Are you scared? Heeeeeeeer's ROCKABELLA!!!!"

Al righty then. That's it for Bellas for now. Thanks for looking. I also have to tell you that all me Bella's are scented with Card Scents from SimplySistas. Go get some. They Rock! Tell amy I sent ya!

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