Oh My Goodness!

I'm sure a few of you out there will be thinking "Good Gracious what are you thinkin'?" Well I gotta tell ya I'm a fan and have been for a long time. I was excited as all get out when Sean & I saw him in November and today I come home from work and find out he is coming back on September 10th to the Puyallup Fair and I could get in on advance tickets before the general public. My brain went "WHAT!" Then I casually searched for best seats and price. Not bad seats, perhaps I could see him this time, price is better cause I don't have to go through some guy on ebay who bought em all up before I could get to em. Okay, heart racing, I leisurely walk down the hall to Sean's office and patiently wait for him to get off the phone and I gingerly kneel down and say 'Honey, you wanna go see him again?" He looks at me and says "Are you serious?!" "Honey you're shaking. Yeah sure." What the heck is the poor guy gonna say. So he looks at the seating chart with me and sit down, take a breath. I am going to see KID ROCK again! Two times in 10 months!!!! Yeah me! I know I know, he always looks like he needs to be hosed off, but my goodness what raw energy and enthusiasm and if you are in to his music then you are. There is no in between. I happen to be in to it. Yeah Me!

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Judy in Indiana said...

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