Anyone for Dog pics?

Here is Krypto with is "baby". Takira gave it to him and he pretty much carries it everywhere by the neck and tosses it around and when he is chewing on a bull penis he lays on it to make sure the other dogs don't steal it. Yep...his "baby".

Kryp and Tashie looking for a treat from Dad.

I have a lambskin on the back of one of the couches in the living room. I'm pretty darn'd sure it's fake if anyone is super duper PETA gung ho. I would never deliberately have a real animal skin in my house. So anyway. Krypto loves it. It's soft and he sits on the back of the couch to watch every one in the kitchen and he sort of blends in to it at times. Super cute.

Here's Ruby (the Roob-Doob, Rooby Dooby Doo, Boots) and Krypto (Kryp, Krippers,) sharing a bed together. Not by Ruby's choice trust me. Kryp has to lay next to someone. Very lovable guy.

Look at this Face!

Now Look! Yikes!

It's all in fun. Tak also gave Kryp a Spnge Bob Bunny Baby. Kryp loves his babies :-_)

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