Glue Challenged

Yep that's me. Never too little always too much. I start playing with the glue and next thing you know it's everywhere! Okay. Pretend you don't see the excess amount of glue on my card. Okay?! That is the only way I am going to let you look ;-)
Also you might notice that I am having a grand ole time with my flourish punch. Love it!
This card was made with a bunch of things I had laying on my craft table and thought I should make use of. What in the world does everyone do with their scrap paper? I feel like I am buried in it and I try to use it but then everything you do looks the same and you don't want to throw it out so what do you do???

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Sharon said...

Great card Debby! Where is the flourish punch from? It is gorgeous.
I used to feel I was drowing in scraps too then I came up with my system. When I finish a project I throw out any scrap that is less than 1/2 inch. The rest I place in a ziplock bag - one for each colour. The bags are then stored with the same colour cardstock. That way, when I go to use a specific colour of cardstock, the scraps are right there and I check them first.
I hope that helps.
Sharon :)

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