Christmas at the Boltmans

And finally Snow! Remember I said wah no snow. Uh. I won't do that again. Around here it snows then everything turns to ice and then it rains and then it snows and then it turns to ice and you get the idea. Not pleasant. Sean drove the truck to my jobs last week and helped me clean houses. One time we carried cleaning supplies down a hill that we did not want to take the truck down and then of course we had to go back up the hill. Right after that the same thing with a steep driveway you didn't want to drive up or down so very adventuresome I guess. Hmmm. Anyway a few snow and tree pics.
this is just the beginning. we got a lot more since this was taken last week.

I like my candles.

See Kryp by the fire on his pillow. That is his favorite spot! This is the family room.

We put a tree in the dining room in front of the bay window that faces the front of the house.

Sean & Takira playing video games.


Sarah {SCS: Sairabee} said...

You have a beautiful home, and I love your tree!

Cathee said...

looks like a cozy christmas, thanks for coming by my blog! my charms were not soldered they are on scrabble tiles and then I used red tape to glue beads to edge! hugs Cathee S.

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