Do your balls look like this?

Did I get your attention? ;-)

Merry Christmas by the way. Love you all!

Here are Sarahs balls
Lovely and delicious looking aren't they?

Here are my balls. Sit down. This will be a shock to some I know. Okay are you sitting? Ready?

Uhm. I've never melted chocolate before. Yes I'm old. However the kitchen is not my favorite place. So...I know you need a double broiler. I don't have one. Do you need to dilute the chocolate in some way? Goodness.

You see how perfect that blob is? I'm rather proud.

Takira put the sprinkles on and did a fabulous job.
And here is another stragically placed blob. Looks festive don't ya think?

Okay. So who the heck is going to tell me what I did wrong? SARAH!!!!!!


Sarah {SCS: Sairabee} said...

LMAO!!!! OMG... Seriously, there are tears in my eyes! That is hilarious! Ok, so, yeah... I did not dilute my chocolate. I wanted to, but I know from experience that if you add a liquid (like milk, or even butter) to melted chocolate, bad things will happen (it gets harder and stiff, and impossible to work with). I used a dipper that came with my double boiler. I put it down in the chocolate, and then dropped a ball on top of it, and used a spoon to coat the whole thing. Then I lifted the dipper and bounced it on the edge of the pan a bit so that the excess chocolate would drop off. It was tedious, but once I got the hang of it, it wasn't too bad. If you liked the look of my balls though, check these out:

She thinned her chocolate with shortening. I'm going to try that next time. I think you have to put it in right away when the chocolate is still in chip form so they melt together. I'll keep you posted on that.

Merry Christmas!!

Anne said...

LOL!!! Yeah, that title got my attention!

Yes, never add any other liquid to chocolate you're melting.

Bet they tasted great anyway Debby :)

Happy Christmas

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