Picking up the slack.

I've had a real hard time creating after returning home from Hawaii in November knowing that my dh had to look for another job. Yes I have a cleaning biz and work my rear off for the clients I do have however it doesn't quite cut the mustard as far as expenses go. mind you it is good money and even better if you can do 4 jobs in a day. Uh. I'm athletic. But No! Not possible. It feels odd that I find that our family relies on dh to brunt the load so to speak. It wasn't always that way. I did work corporate for 14 years before I had my daughter. Then I became the all involved SAHM. I swear we saved so much money with me not working and staying home with our daughter. Funny how that works. So anyway. Here I am 12 years later, wishing I could do something more. Physically no. Can't do it. I have all the jobs my body can possibly handle. I've tried the employee route and the only way I can sum it up is it sucked. Unreliable. Complaining all the time, when they really had it good. Confrontational. Untrustworthy. Who the heck needs that? Not me. So they all went at the same time and I lost 40+ clients. That's okay. I am no longer working 24/7 and feel a whole lot better for it. I am seriously digressing here. So I am going to stop this post and go on with a new post with what I really wanted to say.

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