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My daughter is 12, soon to be 13. She loves Joe Jonas. Months and months and months ago, March to be exact. I learned the Jo Bros were coming to the Tacoma Dome. For those of us that live in Seattle burbs, whatever, takes a while to get there but sometimes you have to sacrifice if the boogers don't go to the Key. Which is great. Love the Key! In my 20's, Tacoma Dome was fine. In my forties, I gotta think about it a litttttttle bit more.
So anyway. I sign up for the Jo Bro fan club to get fan club pre sales which is supposed to be great tickets at a mortgage price. Whatever. Long story and lots of fan club purchases later and probably unintersting there. Sean and I have one daughter and this would be a dream come true for her so we are doing whatever it takes. Kinda like me with Frampton when I was 13. Won tickets off the radio {no way that would happen any more. I even had a dial phone. Cool. I'm cool} to the KINGDOME and saw many bands that night that I loved. My parents drove me from Spokane. That was a dream for me and rocked my 13 year old world.
This is how I remember him {Peter Frampton. I adored him}.

This is how I see him now. i am not getting old i am not getting old i am not getting old. {that is me chanting to myself. you believe me right?}

Okay, so me who professes to have nothing to say is rambling. I would normally post this on fb but was asked not to however my blog was okay.
So on Sunday. This Sunday. Sunday June 28, 2009, my daughter, the girl I love, will get her wish, that Daddy helped grant, to see the Jo Bros. I believe we have pretty great ticks. Not on the runway, bummer, don't know how they get those, but pretty close I think. Tak & I have our usual 6 week hair appt this Saturday. I have seen the same gal for over 20 years and she does Takira's hair because it is down to her arse. So anyway. Takira has a Joe shirt with purple on it and she wants purple hi-lights and my hair gal Jennifer is going to do that and then on Sunday we Rock With The Jo Bros!
So what I'm leading up to..........................................................
I know, I know......................, the suspense is killing you!
Takira came home the other day to Joe. Thank you Daddy. I had no clue. And thank goodness he arrived because gosh darn it My Captain Jacks were getting sick of each other. They needed company!

Doesn't she look giddy?

Oh look. She's adjusting his hair. Aw. Teen Love! Brings back memories don't it?

Yay Jo Bros! Check this out. Funny!
Okey Dokey I'm done. More blabber from me then you are used to. I need to eat. Have a headache. Later Gaters! Visit me more often :-)!


Karen R said...

wow Takira looks just like you - what a great story - enjoy the concert

Anonymous said...

You're a good mom! Funny story and reminded me that back in '69 my own mom got tickets for my brother and I for Woodstock! Some moms really do rock. Thanks for sharing.

Leslie said...

How lucky Takira is to have such a cool mom like you Debby. I had the same kind of crush on Leif Garrett, and now I look at him and think....hmmmm...LOL! Love to you friend, Leslie

Holly said...

Wow Debby, that's the most I've ever heard you say! LOL! I have to say that Peter Frampton is quite the handsome man now a days!
You are gonna have a blast watching your daughter enjoying herself so much. I'm thinking you should get a little purple in your hair too!

Deby said...

Purple hair for everybody!!! Why should she have all the fun? What a great time you have planned! Thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful event! It sure beats a make-up party for my then 12 y.o., now 13! Have an amazing time! And as a little sidebar, I was stationed at Fairchild AFB in Spokane, WA when I was "much younger!"

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

Peter Frampton??????? I had his album. Joe Jonas????? Hot, hot, hot. Johnny Depp - hotter, hotter, hotter. oh to be young again. you are a very good mom.


Scrubbysue said...

Hahahahahahaha......what a great post!!!! I LOVED every minute of it!! it's so funny who we pick out in our lifetimes to adore. I was COMPLETELY into duran duran in the 80's..LOL Tell your daugther YOU GO GIRL!!! I would have LOVED one of those of John Taylor when I was her age!;)

bumblebee creations said...

how sweet of you to go to such lengths for your daughter!!! It will be something she NEVER forgets! I am excited for you!! Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debby! What a fabulous event for your daughter! I hope you had a great day on Saturday and what a cool mom you are, like everyone said! Great photos, too. I don't know who he is, but he's very cute. Your daughter is very pretty, too and looks so happy in the photos.
Hugs, Vanja

Joanie said...

That's too cute. She's a great girl you have there. Gee I remember when I got an autographs picture of Rick Springfield..oh then there was that John Boy Walton one. Thanks for the teen memories.

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