The Squigglefly DT already knows I deemed this "Stickles Gone Wild". I love Rich's art and I play and play and sometimes I overplay and contemplated showing this or not and then some of you may remember what I said a few years ago. You and I. It's like we're married. We are in this for better or for worse:-). So some days you will like me and some days not so much. That's okay. I put my heart & soul in to everything I do. So without further adieu "Stickles Gone Wild".
That is still one magnificent bird. I have to tell ya. I tried this new glossy glaze I purchased from Michaels. Printed my image, colored my image, thought "cool" this will put a nice layer of glossy glaze over the top. Not! It sorta laminated my paper and smeared everything at the same time so I got kinda hacked off. So I started stickling. and stickling. and stickling. :-)

See post below for image details. Thanks!


Maria Matter said...

love both of your bird cards Debby!

I have this image too, now I'll have to have a play!

Hugs & Blessings, Maria

and you can never have too many sparkles!

msfreida said...

Well I LOVE "Stickles Gone Wild"!!! This looks AMAZING! While I love anything with a bird image, this one really stands out! IT'S FABULOUS! :)


Shar said...

Lovin' all your variations with this image! Another magnificient piece of papercraft!

Ali Manning said...

I love your 'stickles gone wild' card! You crack me up, Debby.

Jeanette said...

We never really mess up.....we just embellish.

I like Rich's art and I love Stickles Gone Wild.

treesawardincrafts said...

How ever did you find that paper to go along with that image? It is just perfect. Never enough stickles, I say.

Anne said...

This is a fabulous image and love the Stickles gone wild variation

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