So some of you may recall the other day when I was just so frustrated I decided to work on envelopes. I love to decorate envelopes so the cards I send in the mail come in something other then a white envelope. So over the weekend I stamped and sprayed and will probably stamp some more but here is what I have been doing and I have some observations to share if anyone is interested.

So I started with a variety of Glimmer Mists. I got frustrated with the spray. Dropping globs, not even, etc. So I added some beads to the bottle and changed the sprayer on some yet no difference. Still not an even spray. And yes I went close and came back more then 2 ft and still I had blobs.

Using my Glimmer Mist Screens and a few other things I had lying around.

End result. Pretty shiny and I will probably stamp a few things before I send them out.

So..I thought these Glimmer Mist's aren't so great. I'm going to grab my Radiant Rains and this will be the bomb. Uh. Not. The Radiant Rains globbed more, had less even spray ( and I added balls and replaced spray nozzles that they sent me) and it was simply worse.

See the big thick globs of spray above. A couple of other things I noticed. The Radiant Rain sprays have an incredible, undefinable odor. The glimmer mists have no odor. Then envelopes with the Glimmer Mist are smooth to the touch and the envelopes with the Radiant Rain has a rough texture to it if you run your fingertips over both. Very interesting. I don't know what to make of it yet, but the odor from the Radiant Rains super turns me off. However the customer servcie there is superb. Umh. I don't know. I think I will have to lose my RR. The shimmer is more on the RR then the GM but it's winter now, I can't do this stuff outside and my dogs were sniffing around like WTF. Anyway. These are my observations and in no way reflect majority opinion. I think I will stick with Aileen's Color Mists. They are awesome! No odor, no blobs. Check em out. And no I am not doing a commercial I am very happy with the product.
Here are some envies I randomly stamped with Inka stamps and Diva Impressions. These are my fave right now.


Janet said...

I never decorate envelopes!! But yours look amazing!! maybe i should start!!
"have a nice day" ...hee hee
P.S its way too cool that i get to see a different video everytime i come on here! Living in sin is my fave! yummy!!

Hulachickabella said...

OMG...want to hear something funny!? I was using a hairspray bottle...you know, the pump kind, not the Aqua Net kind, this morning and it blobbed just like your misters. Hehe...sprayed right in the middle of the forehead! Hahahahaha...hey thanks for the reminder! I was able to laugh this time! =)

Mel =)

Jacqueline Tr├ęsBella said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I must get some of that Glimmer mist


Suzy said...

I never would have thought to do this - thank you for the inspiration. The envelopes is really the wrapper of our gift, why not make it pretty?

I actually kind of like the blobs - it looks like a spritzer's work. One think that does help (but is wasteful) is to go outside on the grass and spray the GM into the air then quickly run the paper through it. It helps a bit..

So strange your RR smelled I wonder if you got a bad one mine don't smell, but maybe I jsut never noticed.

Heather said...

Wow those are cool. I've never done that before either. Cool!!

eebeads.com said...

OMG those envelopes are to die for. Seriously. I would just wonder what would follow inside. Beautiful work!!! You've totally inspired me to start "playing" again with materials in my art bins. Thanx Debby!


You envelopes are cool. I think pretty envelopes completes "the package". Usually I just tamp the corner with the stamp I used on the front of the card. Thanks for your creativitie!! Thanks for visiting my blog--I'm new to the blog thing but I am enjoying it.

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